Amazon AWS for Patreon videos

Any API gurus in here?

I need a way to grab a video from my Amazon AWS bucket and then be able to post that link in my Patreon profile so my Patrons can stream it if they choose, just as if it was a YT or Vimeo video.

Of course I could just make the bucket 100% public, but then anyone could copy/paste my links and put them in other locations and sadly, we know some people do this.

Why not just use YT or Vimeo? On occasion there are videos we create that fall outside the acceptable use policy of those platforms but are still allowed within Patreon.

back story -

I’m a photographer, my wife is a model and she often does try on videos in our YT account. Problem here is that many times a video will be demonetized or actually marked as login required to confirm age before the user can see it. I completely understand and agree with these guidelines but where it’s gets odd is that we have yet to break a rule, or show anything we shouldn’t. My wife usually does bikini try ons, or leggings etc, on occasion it’s lingerie but it is never see through nor is it adult in nature. It gets flagged because someone choses to report it I assume, not sure how their AI works but there have been countless videos on YT showing their Vision AI is faulty at best ion determining safe from explicit. Nothing is ever nude in these videos, not suggestive, we play by the rules as we have hundreds of thousands of subscribers in our YT and we’d rather not have it nuked.

Rather than risk Youtube demonetizing or outright removing a video (creating a strike and three strikes you’re out) or even making a video login only, which completely nukes live video links in my Wordpress site, as well as Patreon video links… I decided to look at other options for some of our videos.

I spoke to a developer friend and he suggested I consider AWS S3 or Cloudfront, S3 behind cheaper for my purposes but often for some, Cloudfront is better, or so I am told. Sure, you can just upload videos to your Wordpress yourself but that eats into your bandwidth not to mention server resources etc and then to do it correctly you’d need to look at apache options for your server like Wowza or other possibles.

So where I landed… Amazon AWS S3 would hopefully solve my issue. This is where I am hoping one or some of you are knowledgeable here to offer settings or options.

I know how to get videos into my Wordpress from AWS S3 securely, there are a few plugins that do this really well but the one people seem to rave the most about is S3MediaVault. So that handles my WP side of things. The people that will be streaming these videos must be inside my Wordpress member’s area which is Patreon protected so it’s not mass bandwidth and if it ever is that means my Patreon is doing well. (which means it’s okay)

I assume there is a way to create or use an app if one exists within Patreon to pull AWS links securely, where the referrer is and ideally, it can’t be spoofed easy.

Seems simple in premise… any suggestions if an api or app for something like this exists?

To embed the videos at, you will need to have the videos available at your bucket, allow as a referrer, and then provide embed code that could be used by Then the videos could be embeddable into video posts using ‘Add Url’ option that is there when making a video post.

So you need to arrange an embed provider which will allow embeds at Patreon uses embedly as far as i know. So your embed code should be usable by embedly. (It should be able to acquire the embed code). So the embed code should be on a public api to be acquired by everyone, but the embed should not work on non-allowed (referrer) domains.