API Issue / Bug?


For a few years we are seeing in the Patreon manager active Patron’s with the following status:

  • Pledged: $xx amount
  • Lifetime: $0.

When clicking on the billing history of these users we see declined as status.

However the API (v1) returns the following response(s) for these type of users:

                [attributes] => Array
                        [amount_cents] => 1000
                        [created_at] => 2019-11-06T00:26:07.742+00:00
                        [declined_since] => 
                        [patron_pays_fees] => 
                        [pledge_cap_cents] => 1000

Why is declined_since not filled? Isn’t it supposed to be filled?
How would a application know based on the API that the user should not get their reward if declined_since is not filled?

Hoping anyone around here could help us out.
Many thanks in advance!