Can't get this to work with bbPress?

Trying to set up a Patron only forum using bbPress. When creating a forum I have the option to make Patron only, which I have set at the $3 level.

However, I am able to view the forum page in an incognito window in Chrome on OSX.

Here is the link to the test forum:

It may be that the forum/ page is being generated dynamically by hooking into the slug. Therefore the_content is not processed and protection doesnt kick in.

For that, below may be a solution:

Create a single individual page called ‘Forums’ or similar, just like a normal page.

Then, into that page content, add the bbpress forum index shortcode:


There are other shortcodes there too.

Thanks, that works for the index of forums but an individual can still bypass the index and get directly to a particular forum.

You can similarly use shortcodes to display individual forum’s listings in such pages as i described.

For forum post type, if the users are able to see them without patronage, you can set a specific $ level for the forum post post type if you can, and this should do the trick.

So I am also trying to do this and am having a hard time making it work.
When I create a “forum” using bbPress, I do see the set patron about box, but it doesn’t lock it. I did what you described above where I create a page, and then add the forum index shortcode to that page, so theoretically the forum should be locked, but it isn’t, I can still access it.

Even if I do set the page to be locked, the “unlock with patreon” button ends up all the way at the top, hidden underneath my header.

The scenario that I would like to make happen is:
Someone comes to my site, hovers over the “Resources” tab, scrolls down to “Patrons Forum” clicks on it, then they will come to a page that Looks like my other pages with a photo background and the title of the page, and then below that would be the “unlock with Patreon” button so that once they unlock it they have access to the forums.

Are you viewing the forum as an admin? Then it wouldnt be locked however you lock it.

That would point to a situation with your theme. Probably with its CSS. Its possibly floating some items or something, causing the button in the interface to fly around.

I open an incognito window to view it. And it still isn’t locked. I’m using Astra themes. Do you know of any specific issue with said theme?

As from what i understand, you are trying to lock a forum page with the lock box in post editor only. That wont work.

What you need to do is to use the custom locking code and place it in your forum template in files:

This code will lock any template part which it encapsulates.

Is there anyone that I can hire to help me with this exact issue? I don’t understand enough about coding to work this out.

Contact me from - there we can look into handling this for you.