Can't get this to work with bbPress?


Trying to set up a Patron only forum using bbPress. When creating a forum I have the option to make Patron only, which I have set at the $3 level.

However, I am able to view the forum page in an incognito window in Chrome on OSX.

Here is the link to the test forum:


It may be that the forum/ page is being generated dynamically by hooking into the slug. Therefore the_content is not processed and protection doesnt kick in.

For that, below may be a solution:

Create a single individual page called ‘Forums’ or similar, just like a normal page.

Then, into that page content, add the bbpress forum index shortcode:


There are other shortcodes there too.


Thanks, that works for the index of forums but an individual can still bypass the index and get directly to a particular forum.


You can similarly use shortcodes to display individual forum’s listings in such pages as i described.

For forum post type, if the users are able to see them without patronage, you can set a specific $ level for the forum post post type if you can, and this should do the trick.