Feature request: Google Ads custom unlock post URL

Good day,

I was trying to set up a Google Ads campaign and tried to use a URL that shows after you tried to buy something. This way Google Ads knows when a user bought something and takes its cut on your campaign budget.

I’d like to request a feature, where all Unlock with Patreon buttons are redirected for a brief moment to only one URL instead of an own URL for every post.

At this moment every unlock with Patreon button redirects to a URL like this: “https://site.com/patreon-flow/?patreon-unlock-post=1699”. Every post has its own unlock URL. Instead, only a single URL should be used, so you are able to properly setup Google Ads.

I’d be even willing to buy the Patreon WordPress Pro plugin for utilizing Ad campaigns properly.

All unlock with Patreon and login buttons already redirect to the oauth landing url that the plugin creates at your site when installed. Going through the patreon-routing.php and the class inside it may help you find a filter to use to accommodate what you want to do.