Game Unity API C#



Sorry for my English.
I have start programming since start of this year. I started to creating games in Unity3d.
I want that first part of my PC game is free to play but the second part user can unlock only if current user is my patreon.
So i need to check on is player is my patreon. If hi is - unlock rest of the game.
One guy on StackOverflow sad me that i can achieve that with patreons API.

Please explain me how i can do that. I dont speak English so well and im not so experienced at programming so documentation on patreon is very hard for me to understand.
I dont know should i use OAut2 and how and also i dont completely understand what is URI that i need to enter when i am creating client. (i think that is redirection link after authentication. can i redirect user back to PC game?)
Unity support C# but there is no C# library in patreons API documentation. And i would be also very happy if you will use Serbian or Russian language, but i will also understand English.

Thank you!


If you are new to programming, here is a simple solution:

  1. Code in Unity C# a password entry screen to unlock second part of your game.
  2. Upload the password to your patreon page in a post only patrons can view.

The StackOverflow solution is good, but requires much more to learn.