Get a list of titles of patron posts, without OAuth?

I’m trying to implement a sidebar widget, which is to show the title of latest 5 posts of my campaign, inside my game, which is an offline game.
Because it’s an offline game, implementing OAuth for it is just too hard and unnecessary. And I don’t need access to the content of posts, just their title and maybe links to them.

Without OAuth,[CAMPAIGN]/posts only gives me posts that everyone can access, absolutely no information of patron posts, even title/post time.
However, if we go to[CAMPAIGN]/posts straightly in the browser, title/post time of patron posts are actually available to everyone.

Is there any way to get a list of title & link of posts, including patron posts, without OAuth?

Thanks in advance.

You dont need to do oAuth for that. You can just acquire your creator access token and use it.

However if you are going to distribute your game, then that wont work since your creator token would go out.

But you could do something by putting an intermediary server - ie, if your game is pulling any kind of news/license or other info from an online server you control, you could pull the Patreon posts to that server using your creator access token and send them to the individual game clients without exposing your creator access token.

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Thanks, I was planning to do the same.

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