Getting WordPress Plugin Image Locking on NGINX Server

Hi there!

I am working on a site for a client of mine who hosts through and uses both the standard Patreon plugin and the Patreon pro plugin. I have been trying to get the image locking feature to work all day and just discovered that this feature functions using htaccess rewrites, which doesn’t seem possible on this NGINX server as it doesn’t use an htaccess file.

Has anyone been able to find a workaround for making this work on NGINX, or should I just reccomend that my client bail on her current hosting plan and sign up somewhere that uses the LAMP stack?

Thanks for your help everybody!

Making custom rewrite rules is not possible at At WPEngine, it can be done by using their custom Nginx rule creator. However doesnt provide this feature.

For using image gating feature you may need to get hosting at a different host - any standard WP linux host that allows custom .htaccess files should do. But if you have noticeable traffic, you may want to get a appropriately powerful hosting account since it will use PHP to serve files.

Awesome! Thanks for the help. I encouraged my client to switch to GreenGeeks hosting and now everything is working just fine.

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Great to hear. Good luck with the site.