Help! My Patreon Levels are not matching my newly added Tiers

As you can see, my tiers do not match my Patreon levels.

How do I fix this?

It is likely that you connected a different creator account to your site.

You can solve this by following below steps:

1 - Use ‘Disconnect site’ button in Patreon Settings to unlink your site from the creator account you linked to it
2 - Make sure you are logged into the creator account you want to link to this site at Patreon
3 - Visit the http:/ page to restart the setup wizard, and connect your site to Patreon
4 - When you visit a post editor page, the tiers should have refreshed.

If you encounter any error during connecting the site to Patreon, you may likely have created a client for your site at that Patreon account before. Delete it from your clients page at Patreon and retry setup.