How Long Should It Take To Sync a Post?

If I post on Patreon, something time sensitive, how do I make sure it posts at the site as well? I did my first time sensitive post today around 1pm and people are only now getting the email because it just posted now. They were in the post with scheduled times. I checked settings and Auto publish patron only posts
is checked yes. I tested however and my Patreon posts are being put into posts but with a date of tomorrow. I need immediate

With a date of tomorrow? To be published tomorrow? Or, immediately published with a date of tomorrow?

No. They get placed as pending posts as if they are scheduled for the next day. But I want them to be immediate. For example, I make a Patrons Only post on Patreon giving the link to an unlisted YouTube video. Okay all Patrons are immediately notified and the post is up. But on Wordpress it isn’t immediately posted. Now I’ve gone there and published it so now everything is fine but I don’t want to have to do that every post. What else can I do besides select the check Mark for immediate posting

Ah. If the post is scheduled for next day the plugin would copy its status. That would be expected. You can find a plugin that will set the posts to published status immediately regardless of how they were posted.

You still aren’t understanding and I can’t be mire clear. I’m making an immediate post on Patreon. Not scheduled. Immediate. So it gets posted at Patreon. But on WP they are being labeled scheduled and the scheduled day is the following day. Why? I had immediate sync on. Why would I need another plugin to make the posts immediate when you are supposed to be syncing with Patreon. Anyway it is a moot point because I turned all that off.

The behavior you describe does not occur in a reference installation.

If you set the post status to be published immediately in the plugin settings, and the posts are not being marked as published when they are imported from Patreon, then there is likely something interfering with post statuses or publishing at your site.