How to find the Value or Pledge meta in wordpress?

Hello, I need to make a list of users and the only thing I’m missing is the Value $ or Pledge of the users, any idea how to get this? I have everything else but not that.


The plugin caches the user data for the users who have logged in. However all your patrons would not have logged in and therefore all that data would not be in WP meta.

Do you want the info for all patrons, or just the patrons who log into your WP site?

Hello thanks a lot for the reply,
So the idea is to have a list of Patreon that are supporting us, and would be great if we could list our supporters without having them to login, but not sure if this is possible…


With the plugin’s current functions, its not possible since it does not pull in all the supporters. You can code something using the plugin’s functions and do it through polling the api though.

Any easy solution or workaround for this?

As I said, the easiest way is to use the plugin functions to pull in all the supporters by using a cron to paginate through your campaign.