Patreon API Errors on Edit Tiers Page

When on the page clicking the ‘Edit Tiers’ button causes an exception to occur. Is there some sort of problem with the Patreon API at the moment?

Furthermore, when attempting to add the Patreon discord bot to my reward tiers I am greeted with a json response of false and failure.

Image Of Errors

Below is the error that I am seeing in the console when clicking the edit tiers button:
raven.js:1542 GET[] 400

index.js:109 Uncaught (in promise) ApiError: 400 -
at s (
at Generator._invoke (
at Generator.t. [as next] (
at o (
at u (

Considering that this is a bug with Patreon’s main website API I am available to give any extra details required to resolve this issue.

I have linked an Image in the first post which shows the exact api errors occurring.