Questions about using multiple categories in WordPress

I read the implementation guide for the WordPress plugin and also reviewed the settings. I haven’t found these features or configurations detailed either in the plugin UI or the user guide(s).

I have a test site in place for determining whether the plugin could be a solution for one of my clients facing issues with the discoverability and organization of their content on Patreon.

  1. Can I configure a set of tags to go to a specific category in WordPress and for a set of other tags to go to another category? I support a creator who has four different types of creations, and their audience wants to see each of those categories separately.
  2. Once I have synced posts to WordPress, is there a way to change the category that they post to? I tried to do this by deleting the posts in WordPress, resetting the connection to Patreon for the plugin, and updating the settings to point to the different category. However, posts aren’t syncing at all now.
  3. Is there any documentation to explain each of the type of things to sync for the plugin settings? When I select options different than Post, I see tertiary “Select” dropdowns populated, but there aren’t any fields for me to choose from – as a result, I cannot save the plugin configuration.

Synced posts currently do not support different tags/categories. So you cant map tags to local categories. When Patreon api starts providing tag info for posts, that could be possible.

After posts are synced, you can manually change the posts’ categories from within the WP post admin. New posts will still be synced to same category until you change the category for synced posts.

You can only select a category that appears in the final dropdown to sync for now. As i said, tags are not supported. If no final category is appearing when you select category type to sync, then there may be a situation with categories at your WP site.