Technical examples of games of skill (not chance) Patreon Creators can offer to their Patrons?


I understand games of chance are not allowed on patreon (contests, rafffles, etc).

I would like to provide my Patrons with some type of automated (not hosted live) monthly game of skill. I had an idea to hold a trivia contest, but because I could only write 100 questions or so, if more than one Patron got them all right, then I would have to choose the final winner by random chance (I can’t provide unlimited prizes).

  1. If I create a trivia contest, and the first X number of patrons to get a perfect score win, would that be within Patreon’s gambling rules?

  2. Do you have any examples of Patreons who have successfully created any types of games of skill for their Patrons I could see?

For skills at my disposal I have some basic PHP, google, and a friend who could help with a Discord bot.

Thank you for your time, I know this is a fairly odd question compared to the normal technical quests here!

  • Swtorista

This forum is a place for developers to discuss integration of the Patreon API, you’ll need to reach out to the Patreon team directly via the Patreon support site with any questions you have about the terms of service, but if you have any Patreon API related programming questions, this is the place!

That said… my very limited knowledge of gambling laws is that the game of skill is used as a way to allow people to enter the prize draw, it isn’t used to determine if they win the prize or not, you are not required to grant a prize to everybody who completes the game. I imagine that Patreon would, for the sake of ease of enforcement, not make this distinction (especially because US gambling laws are quite tricky and creators may get themselves into legal trouble and I imagine Patreon don’t want to be considered liable for that) but you should definitely ask for clarity as this may be something they have lots of helpful info around :slight_smile:

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Thank you for answering!