The Patreon Featureme page redirects me to my profile page. Is the featureme page still active?


Hi tech team,
This is Cassandra from Cassandra’s Eye, a brand new blog page I started on Patreon.
I really want to get featured in your “featureme” section because I just started the blog and I need to reach out to as many fans and patrons as I can, but everytime I click on the featureme page I get redirected to my profile page.

Is your featureme section closed or just not functioning for me?
Am I having some sort of technical problems that stop me from getting to it?


Hey @CassandrasEye

This issue would be better suited to be answered by the Patreon Community Happiness team. You can contact them by leaving a note at

The developer forums are more geared towards assisting with developers using the Patreon platform rather than a general support forum.