Unable to see CSS / Assets

Hi ,

I am using the Patreon Wordpress API from Github , and I can’t seem to get the icons/css loaded for some strange reason . Here is a screenshot -

On further investigation , it looks like PATREON_PLUGIN_ASSETS is not defined anywhere .

Can someone please help ? :frowning:


According to a comment on the GitHub repository for the plugin, the current version of the plugin is not working:

Hey Folks,

This plugin is currently still in the works. We are hoping to relaunch it to creators soon. Sorry about the confusion.

If you put your email in this form, we will update you when we are ready to release it https://patreonforms.typeform.com/to/S4eMQT

via https://github.com/Patreon/patreon-wordpress/issues/15

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I got it working btw -

Add this line to patreon.php before the include -

define("PATREON_PLUGIN_ASSETS" , plugins_url( '/assets/', __FILE__ ));

@sam Thanks for letting me know there are issues in the current plugin.

Good to hear!

@sam thanks for catching that and sharing. @naveenmarikar123 if it’s helpful to what you’re working on, we’re very close to releasing a new version of the plugin that has a lot of improvements. We’ll make an announcement in this forum as well to make sure people know and I made a note to ping this thread as well.

PS @sam great questions on the other threads, getting thoughts together to properly reply!


Thank you for taking out your time to let me know Tal ! :slight_smile:

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