Very basic and central bug in the java API library

There is a bug in the java API library. The basic usage example included in the library fails because of it. You can’t fetch user data with the library as-is. A fix was provided here GitHub - booksaw/patreon-java: Interact with the Patreon API via OAuth more than a year ago. This just cost me an afternoon.
Please fix this, this doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in your brand.

Hi Patreon,
PatreonAPI.fetchUser() builds a pathsuffix with URIBuilder, which prepends a “/” to the path it builds.
The prefix in RequestUtil ends with a “/” which adds up to two “//”, which is probably not recognized by the webserver anymore (perhaps it once was?)
This is in any case a bug in the Patreon API. Either the prefix should lose the trailing / (but then any calling functions would have to provide it), or you (patreon) shouldn’t use URIBuilder to build half an URI and just concat the prefix to it. If you used URIBuilder all the way through, this wouldn’t have happened. If you just concatted all the way through, it’d have worked, too.

The linked fix is kinda hacky but doesn’t look unsafe to me.

URL - Wikipedia (see under “path”) tells me that your webserver is acting weird if it doesn’t accept the double slash, so fixing your webserver perhaps would be the easiest way to fix this issue.