Zapier Not Receiving Data At End of Month

We use the Zapier integration with Patreon as a critical pipeline of our membership to access other rewards outside of Patreon.

I just checked Zapier and noticed that none of the integrations have ran since 12/30/20. I feel like I had this same problem last month. Within Zapier I have confirmed that the connection test is successful and I’ve reconnected as well. It’s like the webhooks are not being fired or triggered.

Does anyone else have this problem? We’re now 8 days in and missing data.

There is a 1st of month situation being investigated, but this may or may not be related to this. Do these zaps work outside 1st of month? Do they work for some patrons but not other patrons? Is there any specific pattern you noticed?

Thanks for looking into it. I have no idea why Zapier no longer receives information. I did a combination of turning the Zaps (automations) off and on again as well as re-authenticating to Patreon and the webhooks started receiving information again. Unfortunately, all the webhook events from 12/30 to 1/8 were lost and not queued up.

I now have an automation that will toggle the state (off/on) of all Patreon integrations every Sunday. Not sure if that will alleviate the problem or re-authenticating but I’ll make sure to report back for others.

If a service, app or any kind of integration does not respond to webhook posts, the api will keep retrying them for a while with increasing intervals, and then stop altogether.

There may have been something at your Zapier account or at your integration (or your hosting) that caused webhooks to be rejected or dropped for a while. (Any non 200 response will be considered failure). Then the api could have stopped.

Which would require recreating of webhooks.