Access token not working?

Hello, all. Using API v2, I can successfully generate an access token but I cannot use it. Any requests I try say unauthorized. Any ideas?

Hi @Bork, can you give us some more information about the format of the request you’re making? (what endpoint are you using? what is the headers/body of the request?)

Hi, thanks for responding. The endpoint I was using is The fields requested doesn’t change anything so I just used the previously mentioned endpoint.
User-Agent:API Test

Can you send the request id for the request you’re making? It’ll be the x-patreon-uuid header in the response. We can use that to look into what’s going on.

Hmm, I tried it just now to get you the header and it worked. Quite odd. I’ll let you know if it happens again.

Yay - glad to hear things are working now! Please reach out if it happens again :slight_smile: