Any way to track referral information on pledges?

Hey there,

I’m interested in running a big campaign with the “conversion” metric being pledging to multiple Patreon accounts. I’d like to feature multiple creators and be able to track the amount pledged to each of them so we can evaluate the success of the campaign (and to show a progress bar on the page of amount pledged towards a goal).

I understand that I can include the “Become a Patron” button in my campaign site, but can’t find any information around distinguishing between pledges created using that button (or from my URL) and other sources.

I’d also be open to a solution where I can control the redirect after pledging or logging in/signing up and pledging so that I can store the conversion somewhere in my database. Does that exist for the “Become a Patron” button?

Any creative ideas around using the API to make this work would be ace!


You would likely need to drop a cookie before a visitor goes to pledge flow, and then check it if the person becomes a patron. Also whether the person was a patron before or is newly registered.

I don’t know if that would be sufficient for you, but I have used a cheap trick to track conversion. Basically, I generated the “become a patron” button on a thank you page, copy the link and use it in a button on my sign up page. Repeated the process twice and this way I have 3 thank you pages each for particular Tier and 3 links that I can use for my custom buttons on a sign up page. Probably, there could be a more efficient/precise way of doing it but at least I can track conversion from these buttons.

The filter ptrn/patron_link allows you to filter the link that is used to send users to Patreon to unlock content.

You can receive this link, and then decode state vars out of the link, add your own variables, replace in the state vars in their new state, and then whatever you added to state var will be returned from Patreon to your site when the user returns.

So basically you can use this to send a parameter carrying affiliate id or other information to Patreon and take it back. But it wont persist: If the user just stops the process, and then goes to Patreon and directly signs up manually, the variable wont be there.

So it may be better to put a cookie.