API endpoints to edit pledges

Hi, I’ve read API docs to work on an Integration, I wonder if is possible to delete/edit pledges of an account through it or if it only allows to retrieve information (there are 3 documented endpoints)

Do you mean deleting the pledges that you’ve subscribed to? Can you mention a use case where you’d want to do that through the API instead of directly on the site?

Deleting/editing doesn’t exist as far as I can tell currently. The API as it stands helps creators manage access and privileges for their pledges and not for pledges to manage their connections to creators.

Yes, we need to manage pledges cancellations externally from a creator’s custom site. So that a sponsor can edit/delete her pledge outside the patreon website.

Hey @ltoffoletti

The API is currently read-only. We may add additional functionality to some endpoints in the future, however.