Breaking OAuth Change: Scopes must be set on post auth

My users are currently getting an error when trying to login through Patreon OAuth:

{“error”:“Scopes must be set on post auth.”}

I haven’t made any changes to my app; this started happening a few minutes ago. The API documentation has always listed scopes as optional:

Please fix this ASAP. Thanks!

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I’m deploying an emergency fix to apply scopes to the OAuth call.

This is the second time that a change on Patreon’s end has required me to deploy a fix to mitigate it. Earlier this year I lost the ability to look up my own Patreon posts from the API: API Returning Cloudflare Challenge

I am also receiving this error and it is causing issues with my users. Can someone please clarify why this breaking change was implemented and what I can do to fix the issue?

Are you people using API v1 or API v2?

I’m using API V1… When a user clicks Login With Patreon button on my site and is redirected back they get this:

{“error”:“Scopes must be set on post auth.”}

adding the scope parameter to the button fixed it for me

Hi folks, this was an unintentional change. A fix is in progress and will be released soon.


I am having issues with logins using API v2, too, is this a result of your intententional change, too? Please refer to this post: Patreon oauth2 resulting in 500 on patreon side.

My users cannot access my content until this is fixed and puts me into a shitty position.

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Hi folks, the fix has been released and you should no longer be seeing errors with authorize requests. Please reply here or contact Patreon support if you see any more errors.

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