Email can't be retrieved from campaigns/ID/members

GET request to[user]=email,full_name,created

I’m trying to get all my Patron’s email addresses but I can’t retrieve them. The rest of user fields such as full_name and created are retrieved correctly.

I’m authorizing the request with Creator’s Access Token as Authorization header so if I’m correct that includes all scopes.

Is your client v2? Also email should be in the identity field. Try including identity in your call and ask the field from identity.

Yes, my client is V2 and I’m not looking for identity endpoint. That gets information from the current user with reference to the oauth token, and what I want to do is, with admin access, get information from ALL my Patrons.

Try adding user as a field and asking for email in the following call:

campaigns/XXX/members?include=currently_entitled_tiers,address,user&fields[member]=full_name,is_follower,email (etc etc)

@fakita1 - did this end up working for you? Having the same issue and it is not working.