Email Subscribers receive Patreon-Only Posts

I just tried posting my first Patron-Only post at one of my webcomics. One of my subscribers (not a patron) let me know that they received the patron-only post in their email in its entirety. Wondering if that’s something that can be fixed somewhere in settings.

Which mailing list plugin or mailing feature are you using for these emails?

Just the regular Jetpack subscription notifications that came with Wordpress.

Well, that’s the thing - such notices generally happen via plugins. Jetpack or another post notification plugin or a plugin with such a feature. Or Mailchimp.

To be able to intervene in that process, we have to hook into the email sending function of any such plugin, check whether the user to whom the email is being sent to is a valid patron for that content (may be $1 patron, not enough for $5 post), then allow/avoid email sending.

Long story short it has to do with other plugins rather than our plugin, and therefore it is a bit complicated.