Get Patreon Count and total revenue from API

Hi All, i’m new for patreon and i interest to explore more about the API. Currently i want to integrate Patreon throught Laravel Framework. i’ve been explore the API Doc but still confuse. i come out with this questions. Do we able to. get patreon count and total of revenue like socialblade?

As mentioned in Discord, you would need to sync a campaign to your local app and then calculate such fields.

Thank you for the response. but still have another question. while i read the API doc from this campaign doc api explain about “campaign” i still confuse what “campaign” means in patreon? i search in FAQ and help center but didn’t get the answer.

i will list my questions :

  1. What does “campaign” mean in patreon?
  2. How do i able to create the “campaign”?
  3. Where do i can study about “campaign”?

The campaign is the creator’s Patreon page, Patreon presence, the main resource to which the patrons pledge to etc. Considering it as the ‘main’ resource for your Patreon may be a good way to look at it.