How can I change the design or the place where the button is in my page?

I just install the widget of patreon and I’m having a trouble with the looks of the button at the left side of the screen, my clients don’t like how it shows and they think it’s a scam or that it’s a bug, I want to change the place/background color/typography but, I don’t find a way of do such thing.
(I’m losing clients because of this!!)
Thanks in advance.

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Which is the exact widget that you installed? Is it the Button & Widgets plugin?

Yes exactly the CodeBard’s Patron Button and Widgets for Patreon

Those widgets are auto-generated and they cannot be changed unless you modify the CSS classes in your style files or hook into the plugin code with hooks/filters and modify them that way.

Incidentally they are the same widgets that are used in 2000-3000 sites.