How do access_token and refresh_token actually work?

For how long can the refresh_token be used?
The docs say

: Tokens are valid for up to one month after they are issued.

However, they also say:

If you wish to get up-to-date information after the token has expired, a new token may be issued to be used for the following month.

Does it mean that the refresh_token may be used to get a new access_token and refresh_token more than a month after their prior issue?
My main goal is to try to get user info without forcing them to re-login after the month-long token expiration period, and I have no way to test it on my side without knowing what rules Patreon sets in.

Refresh tokens should be long lasting, but when you refresh you should still check if a refresh token was returned and save it if it was.

If you automatically refresh tokens every month, is there a limit on how long the connection can exist without a user being required to re-establish a connection?

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How long exactly is

long lasting

Consider months. But still you shouldnt wait that long to refresh a token.