Integration of Patreon into Wix website

I have a Patreon page that is being pirated by’s Patreon Downloader. Basically one of my patrons gave his log in credentials to the site and they now have free access to all of that patron’s rewards. This has been an ongoing problem that the Patreon staff cannot or will not address.

So what I want to do is host the rewards on my Wix website, and have those rewards only be accessible to the correct patrons. Unlike Wordpress, there is no Patreon Connect app that I can use on the Wix page and it looks like it has to be a custom code.

If anyone has successfully be able to link patreon and a Wix website where the rewards are hosted I would greatly appreciate all of the help I can get.

The specific issue that you told wouldnt change by changing from WP to Wix. Its a case of an unknown patron giving access to a 3rd party which downloads stuff from your site. The same patron would give the same access to that 3rd party at Wix too and the same process would continue.

Additionally, if you code something with Wix, you would have to code the same oAuth2 logic that the WP plugin has. So nothing changes there too.

What kind of downloads are you providing to your patrons?

Comics in .pdf format.

Although I’m quite adept ion computer hardware and software, that does not apply to coding. I’m looking at hiring someone to do it if I can’t make it happen. What I am looking for ideally are premade coding scripts that I can edit to fit my needs, and a step by step guide on how to implement them.

Now, to start with, this goes beyond something that some developer can solve with the current technology:

Someone actually, physically giving access to someone else is a currently unsolvable problem in respect to content piracy.

That person is a legitimate patron of yours. He or she accesses your downloads legitimately. Then transfers the downloaded files to 3rd parties.

There isnt anything that can prevent that. Even if you set up a DRM scheme, they could just crack it and still distribute your content as well.

One option could be providing unique downloads for each patron by marking the individual download in some way. But even that could be reversed by a sufficiently technical pirate.

What is the particular download that you are providing your patrons? Is it a podcast?

I release a daily comic Monday-Friday. These comics are excerps from ongoing comic projects. When the comic is completed, I release the full edition. What I had been doing was release the full edition on Patreon 2 weeks before I offer it for sale on the Wix site. A few times it has appeared on Kemono before I ever had a chance to sell it outside of Patreon. The comics are in .pdf format.

That would make pirating your content easier yes. Instead you can do what other comic artists are doing:

By locking your actual comic images posted in your own site, you can have your patrons unlock and see your comics at your site.

That looks very similar to what I want to do. I would have the title page on the wix site, they would have to unlock with Patreon, then get sent back to the site. Are you then saying that his comics cannot be downloaded? They have to be viewed either on Patreon or on the website? Or does this guy alow download after it’s unlocked?

That wouldnt work with Wix. That’s the WordPress plugin that you have. You can turn that on by going to WP admin → Patreon Settings and turning ‘Image locking’ on. Then you can lock your images in the media library or in post editor.

But that feature requires a decent hosting account and your host must support .htaccess. Try making sure that you confirm those before turning it on.

I know there’s no Wix plug in. The prospect of moving the site to Wordpress is daunting, so I’m not excited about doing that. I have talked to a few coders at that say they can create the codes to make it happen on a wix site. It’s costly, around $500.

If merely getting onboard Wix costs that, it feels like ongoing costs of staying there may be similarly high.