Issue retrieving current pledge, reward

When calling the the current_user endpoint with an access token having the scope users and pledges-to-me the response returns an empty response set for pledges. I’m unsure what is causing this, I’ve increased the pledge of the account I am logging in as for the owner of the client. But to no avail. Are there any restrictions that might cause pledges to not show on the current_user endpoint?

I’ve tried adding the include=pledge,rewards but that didn’t help either.

It’s part of writing a php league adapter for patreon:

Hey Luceos,
If I understand your question correctly, you’re trying to access the pledges for the campaign that is associated with the Client ID. If so, you’ll want to use /current_user/campaign with the include pledges. More info about that here:

Hope that helps!

If that is the case, tell me where i can get you a coffee!

Will get back to this thread when tested.

Instead of /current_user/campaign I needed to set /current_user/campaigns according to the docs. Now I run into an error though: A runtime check failed.

Seems it is a 403 Forbidden, pretty odd.

Whoops, yes you’re correct with /campaigns

Would you mind DMing me the request and response? I can help diagnose it on our end.