Issues with redirect_uri when validating oauth token


I’m attempting to fetch the oauth token as described in the docs here.

I suspect this is due to my lack of understanding as to how I should be connecting to oauth.

My method to handle the oauth redirect request

This server method is called as soon as the user clicks “allow” then reaches the redirect_uri from step 2 in the doc:

When the method above is called to handle the oauth redirect, I’d currently like to log the token response then redirect the user to

When setting the redirect_uri to, the token request gives the following 400 response:

    data: {
      error: 'invalid_request',
      error_description: 'Mismatching redirect URI.'

Strangely, if I change that redirect_uri back to the same url, the request succeeds, but proceeds to redirect to the same path and fail on second/third request because the one-time code has already been used, throwing an error.

Extra notes:
All urls are https
All urls have been added to the client key, including both and and has been re-verified multiple times

There seems to be something I’m not understanding about how I should be using the redirect_uri property. Any explanation is appreciated.

All the redirect uri values used across your application must be the same. Including the protocol, http:// or https://. Minor changes like a backslash can make a difference.

The redirection situation at your site at /oauth/redirect may be an issue with any redirection setup that you may have on your app or infra. You should check out what redirects are happening at that point.