Limiting shipping to the U.S.?

Hi everyone! I am trying to figure out if it is possible to limit shipping on physical rewards to the U.S. only. I’ve searched all over the Patreon website and the developer backend for this option and I’m not finding it, so I’m guessing it isn’t possible, but I’m really hoping I’m just missing something. I have several reward tiers that I’m trying to keep affordable, but if several people from overseas back them at their current amounts I will likely barely break even on those particular donations once I pay out to create my product and then ship it. Is there really no option to limit shipping, or am I just completely blind? (the latter is always possible, ha)

Hey @ageeksaga

Nick here from the Patreon platform team.

I’d recommend reaching out to the Patreon Community Happiness team for assistance with this as these forums are more geared towards Developer and API support.

They can be contacted at