Members:create Webhook without email

I am currently recieving members:create webhooks without an email address in the data structure. I am mapping Patreons to local application accounts by email.

The members:create is then followed by a members:update webhook call, that has the email address for the user. So how can this happen? Am i using the wrong webhook? Should i use members:pledge:create or pledge:create instead?

How exactly is your workflow here? When is which webhook sent? The docs dont explain this as far as i can see. So any info is appreciated here.

hi. I’m using members:pledge:create and members:pledge:update myself.
In both cases I receive long json with a lot of garbage. What you are looking for is in it’s ‘data’: ‘attributes’:

"data": {
	"attributes": {
		"currently_entitled_amount_cents": 100,
		"email": "XXXXX",
		"full_name": "Alpha",
		"is_follower": false,
		"last_charge_date": "2019-02-23T21:51:49+00:00",
		"last_charge_status": "Paid",
		"lifetime_support_cents": 0,
		"note": "",
		"patron_status": "active_patron",
		"pledge_relationship_start": "2019-02-23T21:51:48.682888+00:00",
		"will_pay_amount_cents": 100
	}, "lots of garbage" }

another thing that might be confusing is that you need to run webhook test with real second patreon account (you can create one for test purpose yourself), because test json is (surprise!) has incorrect json fields / structure

I get the field, but the value is null … which is quite confusing, ofcourse.

did you try it with real patron (not just pushing ‘Send test’ button)?

yes. i get real patreon calls with new members and the email value is null.
I can provide date, time and data … (with email: null) if necessary.

Can you double check this for members:pledge:create and members:pledge:update for json string itself (before you deserialize it).
It is really unlikely to contain null email

As i initially said, i currently use members:create and members:update hooks. And did up to now recieve two requests from patreon that have email: null.

But i will add members:pledge:create and update as well and check for the data there.

Hi did you ever get to the bottom of getting the email address from new pledge webhooks?