Min_cents in become-patron api call not working

I’m trying to create a subscription link for my users and I’m following the documentation on the patreon v2 API Client.

I’ve built a URL that uses the min_cents parameter:

https://www.patreon.com/oauth2/become-patron?response_type=code&min_cents=' . $min_cents

where $min_cents is something like 499 which gets converted to amt being 4.99

However when this link is clicked, the amount shown is not 499, but 2.00


What is going on? How can I get it to be 4.99 and not 2.00?

I’ve figured it out and it’s really annoying.

min_cents must be the price of a tier. You can’t set an arbitrary amount and have it update the form.

Yes, the pledge flow isnt recognizing custom amounts since a while. You can open a support ticket at patreon.com to put it in as a request.