Oauth+wiki: where to start?

I’m not familiar with using oauth at all, but I’d like to set up a wiki that uses patreon authentication to control access to the wiki content based on patron support levels, similar to how discord integration allows users to unlock thread content based on support level.

I’m hoping this is something someone is already doing, but a cursory search mostly turns up enterprise-level or app development tools.

So is there anyone out there rolling their own media wiki (or other wiki) delivering content to authenticated patreon users? Any general direction I should head to find the info?

Just get the PHP lib and deploy it at a web host or infra you own. You can get a headstart. If PHP is not in you stack or if you don’t want to deploy it as a microservice, then you can adopt the logic that is in the lib to your app easily.

The lib already contains examples to make users go through login, and it also shows how to get their details. More advanced applications can be found in the examples from the WP plugin:

Awesome. Thanks for the info.

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