OMG, this is amazing, WOW, I can't believe I've just discovered this

I can’t believe I gotta use a click bait to get at least 1 answer on this, has nobody really encountered this issue, is anybody willing to give a helping hand?

GET /api/oauth2/v2/campaigns/{campaign_id}/posts

This endpoint return an empty array of posts, always. I’m pretty sure that I got the correct campaign id because it matches the campaign description, however no posts are returned. Am I missing some necessary undocumented scopes? I’m trying to get the posts for a campaign I’m a member of and pledged to, is not my campaign, it’s about the posts for another creator’s campaign. Any lead would be super useful!

Thank you!

As I said in your non-clickbait thread, you must actually list the fields that you want:

Thank you very much for the quick reply. In your answer I see your request to get the details of a post using the post id. However, I was inquiring about getting that post id in the first place. I can’t get the post details if I don’t have the post id. What I’m interested is in getting the post ids for a campaign I pledged to of another creator. Basically if I’m a regular user signing in on the official patreon page, I get a Feed from the campaigns I pledged to, right? Now how can I create an app where I sign in with the same user and get that list of posts to the campaigns I’ve pledged?

As I said in your other post, a patron cannot authorize someone else with access to a creator’s content. The creator must authorize the access.