Patreon API Get Shipping Address

Hello Community,

since a couple of days I am trying to fetch the shippingaddress through the Patreon API, but I just dont get it to work properly.

I tried it with multiple, different scopes during the loginprocess of the user… even with the
“campaigns.members.address” scope nothing will be included.

The call I send to the API is the following:

 return $this->get_data("members/{$member_id}?include=address,campaign,user,currently_entitled_tiers&fields".urlencode("[address]")."=line_1,line_2,addressee,postal_code,city");

I still get some data about the user (which is me, so I can verify the data) but the address is just not included.

What am I missing here?

So address is included on the /members/ route by default, you don’t need to do an include call for it. It looks like the fields are formatted correctly as well.

Are you looking at the correct part of the return array?

Hey there, I just checked with the path "members/{my-uuid}

On this path I just get no data at all for my member:

object(stdClass)#15 (2) {
object(stdClass)#14 (3) {
object(stdClass)#13 (0) {
string(36) “my-uuid”
string(6) “member”
object(stdClass)#16 (1) {
string(82) “{my-uuid}

So it seems like nothing is really included… dang

Is your user account a member of your own campaign?


I am member of the campaign yes, but not the creator. The creator is an other account.

Check and see if you have the token with proper scopes for members’ address info etc.