Patreon API in C#

Hello, I am a C# developer with a Patreon who is trying to limit access to my application to those with pledges on my Patreon. I have a history with API’s and HTTP requests, but this one stumped me. I’ve read the entirety of (, reached out in the Patreon discord #dev-and-api channel, messaged other C# devs trying the same thing as me, spent countless hours looking on github and google for source/reference code, and at this point I’m starting to pull my hair out. Can any please give me a working template or explanation on how to use Patreon API in C#? (I have a website and remote hosted server as resources)

Thank you

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There are creators who use the api with C varieties.

Basically what you need to do implement first is an oAuth flow to allow your patrons (or creators if this app will be used by them) to authorize your app with correct parameters. For this the most complicated part would be making sure that you have a web-accessible redirect uri with SSL protocol to receive the user at the end of the oAuth flow. When that happens the app must call the api to get a token for that user. After that, the app can call the api for that user’s info.

You could implement this at your website + remote server. The remote server could be accessed by wherever the C apps are installed, to check whether the app user is a patron and if so, from the correct tier.

I appreciate your reply :slight_smile:
here’s what i got working GitHub - AlgoRL/Patreon-API-w-CS: Using a C# application to obtain an OAuth2 authorization code, then an Access Token from Patreon for use.

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