"Refresh Token"-button doesn't work

The “Refresh Token”-button on https://www.patreon.com/portal/registration/register-clients doesn’t currently work for me, both for an already existing client and one I just registered for testing. I tried in both Firefox and Chrome. I tried logging out and logging in again.

In the developer console there’s a JavaScript error ("Unhandled promise rejection JsonApiError: “403 - Forbidden”) and a POST request to https://www.patreon.com/api/oauth2/tokens?json-api-use-default-includes=false&json-api-version=1.0&include=[] with response code 403 (obviously).

Any idea what could cause this?

I was just having trouble refreshing mine through the API when i saw this thread - I tried refreshing it through that page like you did and also got an error.

On the page I get this response:
{"errors":[{"code":null,"code_name":"OAuthTokenCreateForbidden","detail":"You do not have permission to create this OAuth Token.","id":"896d3b89-b58e-433c-bf76-64ba61c8e31f","status":"403","title":"You do not have permission to create this OAuth Token."}]}

With API I was getting this response:
{"errors":[{"code":1,"code_name":"MethodNotAllowed","detail":"The method is not allowed for the requested URL.","id":"ba854e69-1075-4b63-965f-b840102df377","status":"405","title":"Method Not Allowed"}]}

Hope they fix this soon as it essentially means we can’t use the API.

Wish I didn’t have to refresh them at all.

Almost 2 week and still don’t working?
Is the “making new client” a decision for the moment?

Apologies for the delay. The workaround is to make a new client, yes, but that’s less than ideal of course. We will be troubleshooting the issue and are aiming for a fix within the week.

My workaround for creating a new token is to go through the OAUth flow (“Log in”-button) with my Creator account and Client ID I want to refresh the token for.