Users forced to click "Allow" on every login

Hi there -

I’m building an OAuth login system for my site using Patreon’s API. I have it all set up and working, except for one piece, which isn’t behaving how I would expect.

Let’s say a user logs in to my site using Patreon for the first time. They click “Log in with Patreon”, which brings them to the screen where they click “Allow” to enable my site to access their information. They are redirected back to my site and I now have their token. This works great.

However, in the scenario where a user has already allowed my site to access their information in the past, but they are not currently authenticated, they are still asked to do the “Allow” step. I would expect Patreon to automatically redirect back to my site without asking them again, since they have already allowed it in the past. I suspect I may be missing a step that makes this possible.

Help! Thanks in advance!