Users Not Able To Connect

See the email I got from Patreon Support yesterday - (Patreon)

Sep 17, 2020, 3:39 PM PDT

Hello again,

I’m so sorry to hear that you continue to have this issue.

Due to resource constraints, my team is longer able provide Patreon developer support for our Wordpress plugin and API, however we offer another avenue you can use to get support with your Wordpress integration.

Here’s what’s next for our Wordpress plugin and API
We’ve migrated our developer forum over to our main Patreon Community Forum — this is our official community forum with a lot more participation from both creators and the Patreon team. On the main forum, you have access to peer to peer support from other developers where you can ask questions, as well as resources available to help you run your membership.

We hope to be able to return to active support and continued updates to the Wordpress plugin and API in the future, but for now it is only available in an unsupported state.

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Do you have a link to the Patreon forum? I don’t understand, are they saying we’re on our own now??

Were you able to fix the issue? This is really bad, I just started up my Patreon and people are already having access issues…

Do you have a link to the Patreon forum? I don’t understand, are they saying we’re on our own now??

Youre not on your own. Im investigating this issue as of this moment.

@medellinguru You can get support for WP plugin here.

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Thanks, there are many bloggers with this problem. I will soon need to unlock all posts on my blog so patrons can view the posts. But defeats the purpose, locked posts help obtain more patrons.

There are other bloggers experiencing this issue? Where? In a separate blogger community or the like?

I also deleted the Wordpress account of a patron so they had to start from scratch, still could not access the locked article.

I think they mean other WordPress bloggers using the Patreon plugin.

I have a simple debug tool ready - if any of you who is having this problem can follow the below procedure, we can get to the bottom of this matter:

  • Download the utility plugin below, upload and activate it from your plugin admin:

  • As admin via Users menu in WP admin, go to the user profile of a user who is experiencing this problem. View the profile in edit or view mode.

  • Check the section titled “Patreon login info (debug)”.

  • Copy/paste all the info that is to the right of ‘Patreon login token status’ line in that section to this topic.These two numbers determine only the expiry time of the user’s login so they are safe to share.

This will allow us to see whether the tokens that allow the user to login via Patreon are expired. Users whose tokens have expired cannot login.

Here it is for one such user:


Well. That was a bit unexpected.

Are you able to unlock your content with a test account as of this moment?


Do you know if this patron is a custom pledge patron or a patron who pledged to an exact tier?

@Tiffany_J How many of your patrons are unable to unlock your content?

As far as I can tell, all of them.

I signed up a brand new test Patron account and had the same issue.

Can you use the below guide for forcing a refresh of your site connection to Patreon?

I already have API v2…

They pledged an exact tier. Test account is still fine. I’ve only has a handful of users with this issue, the vast majority has not had a problem yet (or they haven’t brought it to my attention).

@blindwave Ok, at this point it can be suspected that the particular users’ device/os/browser + isp setups may have a situation.

It may be that their device or browser is caching it, in other cases isp caching (or proxies) can also be suspected.

Trying to have these users clear their browser cache may help. It can also address cookie issues.

@Tiffany_J The guide also works for forcing refresh of your connection. So just give it a try.

I’ve had them clear cookies, use different browsers, devices, etc. It was working for them until this past weekend.

I’m seeing 100’s of these errors a day so I expect more people are having the problem and have not contacted me yet.

When you mention errors, are you talking about the logs in the error log or this particular situation with a user not being able to unlock occurring?

The logs I posted above from the health check. There are hundreds of those in a day. The users themselves get no errors, it happens like in the video I showed you above.