What are folks using for node.js and API V2?

Hi Guys,

Building a node.js app with express.js and I want to use the API V2. I already have google oauth integration with passport.js so it would be easier to use a passport strategy. What are people using for this stack?

options seem to be as follows… fill me in if there is a better option.

Any feedback appreciated.


back when i was working on a site with patreon oauth integration i created my own patreon client. v2 incredibly poorly documented tho

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Ok so I have my solution working now. For authentication, I used this forked and updated passport.js strategy…@oauth-everything/passport-patreon and for retrieving memberships, I made a direct request rather than use the library…

router.get('/patreon/memberships', (req: AuthenticatedRequest, res) => {
  const membershipsUrl = formatUrl({
    protocol: 'https',
    host: 'patreon.com',
    pathname: '/api/oauth2/v2/identity',
    query: {
        include: 'memberships',

    url: membershipsUrl,
    headers: {
       'Authorization': `Bearer ${req.user.patreon_access_token}`
    rejectUnauthorized: false
  }, function(err, res) {
        if(err) {
        } else {