2018 API Planning

Hey folks! Our team is working on mapping out our 2018 plans, and I wanted to share some advanced insights with this community.

Our eng team’s high-level focus is developer activation which means:

  • Making it easier to get started and understand our API
  • Solidify the API infrastructure and ability to move faster
  • Reduce the amount of processing and load we place on developers, and transfer that to Patreon’s end (bit by bit)

There are multiple product and operations teams that will focus on

  • Further increasing the visibility of integrations to creators (in product and via marketing)
  • Improving the support and responsiveness of our org to developer questions and needs
  • Getting the right partners and developers for our creators

There’s been a lot of amazing feedback in this community and it’s definitely affected our conversations and we’ve cited a lot of specific notes you’ve written in this forum.

Of course, a lot of forehead-slappingly-good-ideas aren’t going to happen right away and we’re annoyed with ourselves on some projects that have to wait in line. I don’t want people here to think we’re not listening. Don’t give up, and please keep on us! Keep vocalizing your pain points and reminding us of the things we have yet to do to make your experience developing on Patreon’s platform awesome.

This initiative and resources and community is a key part of Patreon’s strategy to fund the creative class. It’s happening, folks. We’re building for the long term.

Feel free to ask me anything in the comments. Hard questions encouraged.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Please provide a demo Patreon account, with hundreds of Patrons in different tiers and open-to-all read-only credentials and completely static (no new patrons).

This way we can write full stack automated tests and be :100:% sure the integrations are working, while we change our code.


Well said @Falco. This is something we hear often and for good reason; that was the clearest articulation yet.

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