Welcome to the Patreon developers community!


Welcome! You’ve stumbled into a discussion forum for Patreon’s API and integration platform. For help general help or support using Patreon, or if you think you’ve found a bug, please reach out to our Community Happiness team at https://www.patreon.com/faq

This forum is meant to connect technical developers and creators with one another and Patreon staff to help them in building awesome integrations for creators. That includes:

  • Product & design feedback
  • Technical help
  • Feedback for the API team
  • Candid questions about roadmap and policies

If something doesn’t feel right for this public forum, you can reach us at:

  • For non-technical inspiration, guidance, and strategic coordination, reach our team at partners@patreon.com
  • For technical questions that involve private/secure information, we’re standing by at platform@patreon.com

Looking forward to meeting you,

Tal Raviv
Growth & Platform