Getting if a patron's payment went through with webhooks

I think the Documentations need to include C#.

Also I been having issues with getting the info from the webhooks. Yes It is easy to make an core webapi that can be used for webhooks. However now inside that API I want to get the status of every person’s pledge (or at least their last failed state to check it without having to somehow get it from requesting the user’s individually). I think it is a flaw on that system and I think other than that the non-deprecated hooks are alright. I mean I probably could do an API request for that data but lack the samples to do it in C#.

I was thinking that maybe the webhooks would be best idea as it would notify when someone pledges, edits, or deletes their pledge to adjust one’s discord and I was planning to make it more or so universal so ye. Ye I could do all the auth token stuff but I feel that just setting up an webhook when the user logs in and whatnot is easier.