Need better documentation for webhooks

The webhook documentation looks the worst for me
I don’t understand which trigger does what by reading a 2 line description they provided. Also no detailed documentation on them.

I want to do something when someone pledges on my page, I get it its the members:pledge:create
when I use the send-test button it sends the same data for all the webhooks

how do I know if it was a create update or delete, I somehow figured its the x-patreon-event
but then there is a field on the request body which is patron_status, how do I know what are the possible values for this? I get ‘active_patreon’ for all three events I am interested about. create/update/delete all have the same ‘active_patreon’ value

Also the ‘last_charge_status’ is always ‘Paid’ for all those three triggers, how do I know if the payment was declined or whatever the reason was for the pledge update?

Its very weird

From what I’ve gathered personally, seeing how incredibly slow the progress is on the API v2, it’s safe to continue using the deprecated events that at least have a more understandable and predictable behavior. You’d still rely on the header to distinguish the specific events, but the data should be more complete.