Webhook event for former_patron not firing

I have my webhook receiver set up to handle member:pledge:create, member:pledge:update and member:pledge:delete events. The webhook event for a Patron’s pledge entering into former status doesn’t seem to be firing. I have a script that handles these events, but I also keep logs for every post payload that gets sent to my receiver, and there’s definitely nothing when a pledge becomes inactive. If this is because their membership merely expired (rather than canceled), shouldn’t there be an update event upon the expiration of their pledge?

Have you logged into your app as a patron at any point? Or have gone through the oauth process at any point?

It’s not configured as an app, it’s configured through the portal at Patreon. I didn’t know that OAuth is involved with webhook receivers. I have my receiver script written in PHP, which verifies the headers, accepts the JSON post contents, and parses the data.

If you manually created the webhook, no the oauth is not involved.

dm me the webhook id and Ill check if anything is wrong with it tomorrow.

There’s no problem with my script, it just seems that there’s no event being fired for member:pledge:update and/or member:pledge:delete (depending on which is triggered when a user does not renew their membership or cancels). I have a log folder which stores the json post data every time an event is fired, and there’s no syntax errors halting my script. There’s no logs for march update or delete. However if I send a test payload, my log folder has logs those events.

Could this possibly be a problem on Patreon’s end?

Could this possibly be a problem on Patreon’s end?

I cannot say anything without you dm’ing me the webhook details.

Just a quick update. The event that I was expecting to fire was the “former_patron” event, but the patron will be “active_patron” until after their last payment has expired (one month).

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