When does 'members:delete' event trigger?


I just made some tests with a real account to test a ‘members:delete’ Webhook event. That event was not triggered. I assume that it will be triggered once the member’s subscription ends.

Am I correct?

Thanks in advace!

Yes, when the member is no longer considered a member. This may be a few days later than the subscription end date since cards may be retried during that time and there is a grace period.

Thank you! I have some more questions.

  1. Will ‘members:update’ event fire when a user cancels their membership?
  2. I also tested ‘members:update’ with a real user and upgraded membership tier. The ‘members:update’ did fire but in the payload there was a previous membership tier. Why it is wrong?
  3. When fetching user info from ’ /api/oauth2/v2/identity’, who upgraded their membership, there are 2 (or more) currently_entitled_tiers. Why?
  4. Currently, because of lack of confidence in Webhooks, I made a cron job that runs every day and fetches all users to check their current membership tier. What are Patreon API rate limits?

Thanks in advance!

members:update should fire related to member updates. For pledge/payment changes, members:pledge:update should fire.

3 . That depends on your campaign structure. When a patron pays from a higher tier, the patron is entitled to all lower tiers.

  1. As long as your app does not go haywire, you should be ok.