Webhook pledge:delete trigger still have old tier data

Hi, I want to use webhooks to sync my users with the pledge they’re currenlty subscribed to, unlocking specific advantages on my website (not wordpress).

The problem is, while doing some testing, the members:pledge:delete trigger always send data that still contains the tier data the user just unsubscribed from, meaning I don’t know when users actually stop their pledges.

I tried to use the member:delete trigger instead and it does not have this issue, however I didn’t fully understand the differences between the two triggers, and if this one will really be triggered every time, as the documentation says “Deletion only occurs if no prior payment happened, otherwise pledge deletion is an update to member status”. Didn’t really understand how this is supposed to work concretely.

Any help is appreciated.

A member may have canceled his/her pledge. members:pledge:delete should trigger. A member is finally deleted as a member - membership ended - the other should trigger.