[Webhook] Delete Member is not firing

Hey everyone

I’m currently trying to get the webhooks to work. When members change their level, everything works through “Update Member Pledge”. But if members quit, I don’t get an event fired. I turned on “Delete Member” and the test works, but when I cancel as a member, nothing happens. However “Delete Member Pledge” is fired, but with the old information and a supposedly active subscriptio which is worng.

I have no idea what to do anymore. Does anyone have a tip what the problem is? How do you check if a member has canceled their subscription?

My last idea would be writing a cronjob and check the status of all members via api calls and tokens once a month. But that’s not really cool.

Greetings and Thanks!


When the delete member fires, it comes with the info of the currently existing subscription?

The deleted member event giving the info about the currently existing subscription that is to be deleted sounds right since that subscription details are the ones going away.

And you say you dont get any event when members quit?

That part seems a bit unclear.


Thanks for your answer. To be clear:

  • Delete Member Pledge: Event is firing but with the exact same response like “Update Member Pledge”
  • Delete Member: No event is firing

So I can’t differentiate between Update and Delete Member Pledge if it’s really correct thats it’s the same response. I mean yeah it sound correct that I should get the info about the deleted Pledge but there is no flag or something that gives me the info if it’s an update or a deletion.

If the event is coming in with the delete trigger, then its a delete event. If it is coming in with the update trigger, then it is an update event. Payload being the same should not confuse you. You can treat the event based on the trigger, and use the related member info for processing the membership in your integration.