Confusion regarding webhook events

Hey there,
I’m building an integration for a project of mine and we are using Patreon as the payment platform.

I’m quite confused on how the flow of pledges go:

Question 1:
first time user creates pledge (charge upfront) -> user deletes pledge.
Will this fire a member:pledge:delete event at the time of deleting the pledge or will it fire at the end of the month?

Question 2:
first time user creates pledge (charge upfront) -> payment didn’t process
Will this fire a member:pledge:create event and then a member:pledge:delete when payment is recognized as failed. or will nothing fire?

Question 3:
How can I be sure that a payment is paid.
The docs said that member:update is fired when payment events occur.
Does that mean that I need to listen for that event to only apply tiers when payment is actually paid?
if so, how can I tell the difference between the end of month payment and first time upfront?

Thanks in advance for any answer. :slight_smile:

Q1: Should fire when member deletes a pledge. If member has paid for this month, s/he should show up as having access to relevant tier until month end.

Q2: This should fire a member pledge create, and the membership should be in declined status or something similar.

Q3: Checking for payment paid status should be better done by checking patron’s membership details outside webhooks.