Webhooks triggers v2 question

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I am building an integration with Salesforce for a customer and I need some clarification around the webhooks. What I ultimately need is something that will fire when a donation to a campaign happens whether it is one of many from a monthly donation or just a single per post donation. From what I’ve read your data model is more so capturing a “Pledge” which could be monthly or per post etc. and you would only fire that event once not every time that monthly or per post donation occurs. I was hoping that members:pledge:create would get what I was looking for but it seems like that will just fire once and not every time in the series of the pledge. Can someone validate that I am understanding this correctly? Or am I completely misunderstanding the way members:pledge:create functions and it will be triggered any and every time a donation is made to a campaign (or another way to think about it… every time a users credit card is charged)?

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Hi Terry!

Yes, this is how our pledge create webhooks work. Our members webhook would probably do what you’re looking for https://docs.patreon.com/#triggers-v2

members:update is called when lifetime_support_cents updates, which happens every time a patron pays a creator. last_charge_date will also update in these situations and send a second webhook event.

Hopefully this helps - let me know if you have further questions!

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